kiki parry


Designer Kiki Parry has been crafting memorable cards since she could fold paper.

Now armed with a PowerBook, array of beautiful recycled content cardstock, and enough cutting devices to narrowly avoid a bloody mess, the sky’s the limit.

After enough friends endorsed her holiday cards with “You should really do this for a living” she started to take note. With an eye for cool design, great paper, and typography, why not share this with the Hallmark-bloated public?


Alternate Greetings combines a great looking card with the stuff you want to say to your friends – but usually can’t find on the shelves. The look is minimal type, elegant and cute, sometimes feminine, sometimes modern, often retro (30’s clip art is a favorite subject of inspiration).


Kiki loves sweet Jersey corn, music, new art supplies, and cats but not things with cats on them, especially not those damn nylon flags people hang outside their house for all occasions. She hates those, and unreasonably slow drivers, and factory farming.

But enough about me, how about you?



Here's what people are saying about Alternate Greetings

You’d better not send that to ME.” - Mom

“He laughed so loud and said it was the funniest card he had ever received.” 
- Angela, about some guy she was trying to score with

“I thought what the hell IS that? Then the inside made it all make sense. Funny w/o corny....Good stuff.” 
- Kim, hard-to-please Graphic Designer

“I enjoyed your card collection...they are really fun...keep cranking them out.” 
- Tim Wright, Wright Card Co

“You should have heard us, we laughed so hard when we opened these.” 
- Joy Chen, JoyCards